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tv   Studio B With Shepard Smith  FOX News  September 9, 2011 3:00pm-4:00pm EDT

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we are overlooking the world trade center site in two days the memorial will open, first to the families of the victims of the worst terror attack to hit our nation. sunday marks 10 years since that day. the sprawling memorial honors 3,000 killed in new york city, then and in the attack of '93, plus in shanksville, pennsylvania and at the pentagon. all of that coming up over the weekend. this memorial stretches over eight acres, two large pools lined with waterfalls and trees where the world trade centers once stood. this is a live look at lower manhattan from across the river in new jersey on a spectacular early september day in new york city. we'll have live coverage today, tonight and of course sunday. we'll speak with some of the first reponders, family members and a number who are working tirelessly to rebuild this site. security teams and others preparing to open what will soon be one of the most
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visited sights in our city, maybe in our nation. that is all ahead, unless breaking news changes everything on studio b. live look at lower manhattan across the river from new jersey we will have that and live coverage today and sunday. we'll speak with some of those first responders as i mentioned, and the people who are working so tirelessly to rebuild here. first, at 3:00, u.s. officials on high alert. after one word of a credible, but what they call unconfirmed terror threat against two cities in the united states. days before the 10 year commemoration of the attacks. officials tell us al-qaeda they believe is suspected in the plot which involves a car bomb, truck bomb or series of bombs which they say may be targeting bridges and tunnels in new york city and/or washington. >> we are taking this threat seriously the, federal, stay and local authorities are taking all steps to address it. and of course, making it
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public as was done yesterday is intended to enlist the millions and millions of new yorkers and americans to be the eyes and ears of vigilance. >> shepard: u.s. officials tell us they believe the still unconfirmed threat may go all the way up the al-qaeda chain of command to bin laden's successor zawahri. this as our nation prepares to mark 10 years since the terror network kill nearly 3,000. jonathan hunt with me at the world trade center site. first to katherine herridge who works intelligence for us. she is in washington. we are told officials are looking for a handful of possible suspects. what are the suspects? >> reporter: national security force confirmed the fbi seeking a handful of potential operatives as many as three which may american citizens or legal permanent residents like a green card holder.
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earlier today i obtained the fbi homeland security bulletin about the threat and possible involvement of american citizens is emphasized. such attacks may involve operatives carrying u.s. documentation. the attacks would be intended to cause panic and disarray among first responders. the threat is specific and comes if a known source. as you mentioned, it has not been confirmed through a secretary source or other data. >> shepard: zawahri is the guy who just took over. experts are saying this could be some sort of power move. >> reporter: that's right. zawahiri took over right after bin laden's death. this is a guy who has lived in bin laden's shadow for decades. one analyst said he felt this move or this threat information may be zawahiri's attempts to become al-qaeda's new alpha dog. >> he has leadership challenge. he has to prove that the organization of al-qaeda is
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bigger than the personality of bin laden. he has to solidify his leadership. conducting an attack on this anniversary would go a long way to doing that >> reporter: the other thing worth noting is reference to feisal shah stkaz -- feisal shahzad when he probing -- a successful attack that it provoked a massive response within the united states and shahzad was able to get his training overseas, come back to the u.s. under the radar and drive that car into times square. the only problem is that bomb did not explode. >> shepard: the city of new york is in a real high security alert today. as you drive around, you never know what is if going to happen when and for our security -- if we got this sort of a report from one source, unconfirmed, without specifics, on a day that did
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not involve this anniversary is this the thing that would ratchet this up or is it just because inform day? >> reporter: excellent question. i think it is a combination. no question that the anniversary is important. what we know from the bin laden compound is since february of 2010, he was very fixated on some kind of strike inside the u.s. to coincide with the anniversary. that's a change typically al-qaeda has not gone on the day it has gone when the opportunity has presented itself. the other thing i would emphasize about this source, i was told late yesterday this source had a track record with the u.s. intelligence community. they have some way to gauge its reliability. i also believe that is one reason they've taken the information so seriously. >> shepard: we are looking at live pictures from wnyw over the big city as choppers fly around and people are on edge again. difficult time every year when this comes around.
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good to talk to you, thank you. police in new york increasing security as i mentioned here in lower manhattan where we are this afternoon and all around the city to the point where it is for many, almost impossible to get around. new yorkers remember. the police commissioner adding more patrols and lots more bomb sniffing dogs on top of extensive security members that are planned for this weekend. as you heard, officials are paying particular attention to our bridges and tunnels. check points at all major crossings you can't get over -- the commissioner says officers are doing bomb sweeps in parking garages and other areas from the top of manhattan to the bottom in an interview earlier today with neil cavuto mayor bloomberg tried to put this threat into some sort of perspective. >> we only have one source, which leaves you questioning the number of terror threats that only have one source that are real are less than if you have two or more sources.
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it is conceivable they could do what they want, not big scale. you say well, it is credible. but it is not corroborated. >> shepard: mayor bloomberg says despite that the city is taking the threat seriously. jonathan hunt is with us. we were talking a couple days ago about what it used to be like to walk around penn station or walk into one of the airports. and how weird it would be like when you were in tel aviv now it is like that here all the time. >> reporter: it is a different level today. i traveled to lower manhattan by penn station to get a look at security there are always national guard troops there. today heavily armed police officers carrying assault rifles, very conspicuously, all over penn station. they are setting up these random check points on 34th street main street across manhattan they were stopping
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random trucks and other vehicle, searching them, check being -- checking for anything that might be suspicious. checks on the bridges and tunnels in particular. the new york police department seemed to be paying particular attention to those bridges without tolls. where the traffic wouldn't normally slow down to pay a toll those are having particularly stringent checks. >> shepard: yet they are telling new yorkers to try to go about your business as usual, if possible. >> reporter: yes. just got a statement from governor cuomo of new york who says this latest terror threat is a cause for vigilance and awareness, not alarm or panic that is the kind of mantra repeated by everybody, including the new york police commissioner ray kelly. >> certainly safer and always concerned about the safety of the city. this is a credible threat. it is specific. and we are doing the things that i believe are appropriate, the mayor believes are
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appropriate to protect the city. this is an open city, you have to keep it open, functioning. there will be some things that the public sees and some things they won't see. >> reporter: as i walked here i got the sense that new yorkers, while being aware, certainly not a sense of panic on the streets. >> shepard: i think we've learned, when it gets rough, you take public -- transportation. you don't hear a lot of complaining. >> reporter: see something, say something. everybody is aware of that and lives by. >> shepard: good rule. >> continuing coverage coming up throughout the hour. we'll remember those who were lost and speak to some of the heroes of that day. >> first the economy. growing fears, this is not about anything political in the united states. this is about europe. and a disaster that may be brewing. the crisis there is
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overshadowing president obama's plan to create jobs in the u.s.. a monster sell-off downtown on ball street, dow jones deepest drop in more than three weeks. down 324 or so, wiping out all of the week's gains. investors aren't sure how europe can solve its money problems after the top economist at europe's central bank resigned. they are not confident a divided congress can pass anything must less a jobs plan that the president laid out last night. gerri willis with us now. it look as if to a casual observer who reads the business network site it looks like greece is on the road to default. >> that's the trader chatter today that greece will go out of business, default this weekend. that germany, the government there is trying to shore up the banks, just in case this happens. of course, you mentioned it before, the u.s. market is
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trading on that news. it has been big volume today, somber this morning. now there's a lot of trading going on. here's what is happening with u.s. stocks, most s&p 500 stocks 490 trading lower. of the dow stocks each one at one point traded lower. mcdonald's had what they call same store sale. restaurants opened a year or more having bad sales they didn't like that, they it off. mcdonald's is a big part of the dow, really having an impact here. >> shepard: what about our banks? i would guess our banks are tied up with billions and billions with this mess over there, right? >> it is really the europe banks. greece bonds, italian pwfpbds, they load up on this debt. but u.s. -- u.s. banks have some of this too even money market mutual fund. we've been keeping an eye on that for weeks and we will continue to do that.
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banks not having a good day either. >> shepard: no good days for much of anyone out there today. gerri willis we'll watch for you this afternoon on the fox business network. if you don't get it, demand it. >> we'll have more on the terror threat that has new york into d.c. on high alert this afternoon. intelligence officials hear talk of potential attacks all the time but the information rarely filters out to all of us. what makes this different? a date on the calendar or something more important? >> entire cities in the northeast are empty, record breaking floods chasing peep out of town. latest from the evacuation zone this is a special edition of studio b, live from lower manhattan. almost 10 years to the day. my doctor told me calcium
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15 minutes past the hour. here in the northeast gorgeous day, blue skies all around. would you not know from it all
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of the flooding at record levels in parts of had region. from the remnants of two tropical storms. the water is receding in some places. the damage is done. this is what is left of a van after it got stuck in a river in northern virginia. this is in harrisburg, pa closed major roads after the flooding reached levels not seen there in almost four decades. first irene, then lee, five people reported dead. some locals say they are skipping town. >> this is like the fifth one that i had live through and i can't take it no more. i have to go. >> shepard: the national weather service issuing florida watching and warnings as far south as parts of virginia to upstate in new york. evacuation orders are in place, 100,000 people, 70,000 in wilkes-barre, pa.
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the mayor now calls a ghost town. molly line is in kingston, pennsylvania across the river. how are the levees holding up? >> reporter: there's a concern i'm standing on one of the levees along the susquehanna. further down they say one of the sections has gotten mushy, it has been described as. they've been running sand out to that area. they are saying for the public not to panic. reminding them this is an evacuation zone they want people to stay out of here. today the governor just had a press conference talking about how people are not obeying those orders. trickling back to town, coming to check out the high waters. they've gone down by a couple of feet we've been watching, white line painted on one of the bridges, there's still a lot of power and potential for
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damage if it jeeps -- if it creeps through any of the flood stoppage systems. >> shepard: how quickly is it expected to go down? >> reporter: the idea is people may be able to get in their homes as soon as tomorrow. the initial estimate was sunday. that's the hope, it continues to fall quickly and takes the pressure off some of these levee and flood stoppage systems that are under extreme stress. >> shepard: incredible pictures. holly line live in pennsylvania, thanks. >> in the first hours after the taxes of 9/11, much of the country was in a daze, stunned. desperate for some sort of hope. a picture of new york city firefighters raising a flag at ground zero. up next the man who captured what is now an iconic image. we are live in lower manhattan
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where the world trade center is rising behind us. the memorial fountains, seven stories, those waterfalls go, with trees that have been planted to precision and a memorial park that is going to blow you away, once it gets finished. continuing coverage, in a moment.
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>> shepard: of the iconic images to come out of attacks of 9/11 one from a veteran photographer of a new jersey newspaper quickly became a symbol of hope amid horror. hours after the towers fell the photographer captured this image of three firemen, hanging an american flag from the rubble of the world trade center. it drew comparisons to the marines raising the flag at
3:23 pm
iwo jima in 2002 the postal service unveiled a stamp fee aring that picture. with us now the man who took it, thomas franklin, god to see you. you were across -- good to see you. you were across the river police were coming over in a tugboat and you and others jumped on there with them? >> yeah, i was in jersey city most of that morning. >> shepard: right across the river. if you were to go directly across from lower manhattan there's jersey city. >> exactly due west a couple thousand yards away. they had a triage center set up and thousands of evacuees being brought there. i was able to talk my way on to that boat and got to ground zero in the early afternoon. >> shepard: you on a tugboat with photographers and a bunch of cops? >> it was me, one other photographer and a tv cameraman and one other person maybe. it was us and the tugboat captain gave us a paper mask
3:24 pm
and a both of them water. >> shepard: new jersey new jersey is to the west of the city. the smoke was going from the towers over toward brooklyn and queens, brooklyn i guess really. on the jersey side you didn't have the smoke so you do see everything. we have pictures, it is amazing that one photographer got all these shots. they are breathtaking. i know personally for years i couldn't look at this sort of thing. certainly not around people who weren't here that day. >> one thing to see these pictures, it is another thing to live that. >> you know, i think it is important that we remember. they are difficult photographs to look at. i think back to the memories of that day and all that transpired. but i think it is really important. >> shepard: this sort of a picture for me sums up so much of it.
3:25 pm
first responders knowing that first responders are dead in that building and yet they are still doing what they've always done. it was such a -- >> the building in the dead center is world trade building number 7, which collapsed a half hour after this picture was made. this emt is one of the last search-and-rescue people leaving the area because world trade center 7 was going to collapse. after everyone evacuated west of west street after this picture was made was when i walked back towards this very spot, which is where the flag-raising took place. almost where he's standing in the picture. >> shepard: these shots with a reference point on the buildings before they fell are tough this is after it fell this is that one part that
3:26 pm
remained, seven stories tall, i think it was? >> yeah, the skeletal remains it is an eerie picture. it is ghostly remains of one of those towers. >> shepard: i remember when that was finally torn down that was a tough day too. >> firemen evacuated to jersey city. that shows what that scene looked like in jersey city. you had all these evacuees brought over by boat with this amazing backdrop the city and smoke and towers gone, it was surreal. >> shepard: so many people in the city that day evacuated that way. this is a live picture, people in the booth are all into it, but i'm not i want to go back to the other picture. when you were in the middle of it all in the city and the air was grey and thick, and no matter where you went that was reality, until you got on some
3:27 pm
sort of boat and ended up in jersey city. the smoke was going in the other direction. you had this perfectly clear day to see from another place. i guess people were able to get their thoughts around what they had just been in the middle of. i rarely see a picture of someone who is not crying. >> imagery of that day is beyond belief. to think two of the largest buildings in the world came crumbling down and thousands of people died in those towers. that's imagery out of a sci-fi movie, but unfortunately, it is real. pretty crazy. this is a picture taken of me. what is ironic it was taken around 3:00 in the afternoon by the photographer john wheeler who i had come by boat with from jersey. he made this picture of me around 3:00. after making this picture i had taken pictures all over ground zero. i returned to this very spot that's where i was standing when they made the flag-raising picture.
3:28 pm
that ledge to the right of me is where the firemen raised the flag. shards of metal the facade, remains is in the background of the flag-raising picture. >> shepard: as you look at pictures and you will see a lot over the next few days, no doubt for our viewers, you will be able to tell who was there when it happened and who came to document or help it by what the clothes looked like. your black shirt was still black. >> i donated my mask and some of my clothing to the museum. they have it in their possession. >> shepard: in washington? >> in washington, yeah. >> shepard: if you haven't seen the 9/11 exhibit at the museum in washington, next time you are in washington you ought to check it out. they have for one thing the covers of maybe 150 newspapers and how that story was reported all around the world and the common theme of everyone all thinking about us. it is powerful.
3:29 pm
and there that shot -- for a while this picture wasn't shown much, 2002, i guess and then everyone came to embrace it as the iconic photo that it is. >> it received a lot of attention from the next day the phones at our office were ringing off the hook. people wanted to use the picture for various uses. the photograph raised over 10 million dollars. it was selected to be on a hero's stamp, that is pretty cool. >> shepard: thomas franklin, we have 77 stories going up, how do you feel about this? >> it is good to see it coming along. i like the way they've left open space. i think it going to be really nice. hopefully, the families of those who died will be happy with it. >> shepard: i hope so. nice to meet you. >> same here. >> shepard: thanks. live look at the world trade center site we
3:30 pm
were just talking about. 10 years since the tower lay in ruins. we prepare to mark a decade. we've come to talk about maybe not all of us, but some of us, the color of a september day. this blue had always happened in our city at this time of year on nonstormy days when the humidity is low and all the pollution can fly away and there's little wind. it is 9/11 blue in lower manhattan this afternoon. looking good! you lost some weight.
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to it was known for years al-qaeda focused on anniversaries on big events on special meaning. we've known in particular since we went to pick up materials of bin laden himself was suggesting nothing specific, suggesting that his minions reach out and try to pull an attack on this 10th anniversary. zawahiri has officially taken over from bin laden he came
3:36 pm
basically saying the same thing. get out there, do something on this date. what we've got, you could argue, if it wasn't the 10th anniversary and we picked up this same type of information from a single source with the specificity that we've got, if other plot and it wasn't related to this 10th anniversary, you could argue it would not become the public alert. it wouldn't make its way from the internal authorities out to the public. because of what we've got we have to make this alert public. as you said, part of it, reason is because it brings in the public. one of the best force pliers we've got is the public. >> shepard: could they have -- we all anticipated increased security in this city at leave, i'm sure they did in washington for this event. do you think there was a process going through whether it might be more effective to just, you know in , increase
3:37 pm
security and leave the theory stuff away? >> no. again, a lot of security that we've got out there it would have been there regardless of this threat. >> shepard: right. >> but you are -- in the world of counterterrorism this is one of the trickiest issues when to take information and release it to the public. >> shepard: if you don't and something happens? >> you are damned if you do and damned if you don't. if you don't raise the alert and something god forbid should happen then it is a nightmare scenario. if you bring out these alerts and make them public, too often then you are accused of crying wolf and wasting resources. in a situation like this, they literally had no option. >> shepard: i like to ask people like you who seem to be in the know, what are you doing as a result of this? >> well, you have to -- i personally don't allow it to change anything that i do.
3:38 pm
i'm not a big believer in saying if we change our actions or we do all of these things then the terrorists have already won. the terrorists win when they kill us. they don't get a bonus for causing us to spend more on security. we can't allow this to alter the way we conduct our lives. we have to be more vigilant. every time something like this happens, be more aware of your surroundings. if you see something, say something. do the simple things. it sounds simplistic, but it works. >> shepard: mike baker, nice to see you. >> good to see you too. >> shepard: thank you. crews in texas making more progress containing dozens of fires across that state. the reports are they've killed athlete four and destroyed more than 1700 homes. -- the biggest and most destruct fire of them all burning now, a couple hour outside of austin. it has forced thousands to clear out and leave their homes and everything they have. some of those people now
3:39 pm
returning to find they don't have anything any more. kris ter relz in bastrop -- kris gutierrez in bastrop, texas. >> reporter: we are 30 miles east of the capital of austin. the street we are on opened up yesterday so a lot of people did come home. you can see county officials have closed off the road because there is too much debris down the road. they say it is too dangerous to return. you can see in the distance some homes sit untouched. those homeowners are slowly returning they will be without power and running water for several days. they can live with that because they see across the street and see how blessed they are. some people lost everything. >> this is our life. our memories. i had the only vhs tapes of my
3:40 pm
children when they were little. we have nothing. i have two pair of slacks and a pair of shoes. >> reporter: the people who are returning to homes that are still standing tell me they just feel guilty when they look across the street and see scenes like this. >> shepard: kris, thank you. >> the president now taking his plan to cruéát job to the road, as he promised. we'll have analysis of the president's job pitch when -- with chris wallace. uh, i'm in a timeout because apparently riding the dog like it's a small horse is frowned upon in this establishment! luckily though, ya know, i conceal this bad boy underneath my blanket just so i can get on e-trade. check my investment portfolio, research stocks... wait, why are you taking... oh, i see...solitary. just a man and his thoughts. and a smartphone... with an e-trade app. ♪ nobody knows...
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>> shepard: 17 minutes before the hour. the president is taking his jobs plan on the road across america. the plan includes tax cuts for families and businesses. insent s for companies that hire new employees or promote old ones. to spend billions on roads and schools and extend
3:44 pm
unemployment benefits to millions. in an event today in virginia the president said he will announce ways to pay for it soon. >> the president: 10 days from now i will release a more appear bish deficit reduction plan and follow the -- plan. yes we need to cut wasteful spending, strengthen our retirement programs. and we have to ask the wealthiest americans and biggest corporations to pay their fair share. >> shepard: boehner says the proposals merit consideration. other reigns say she don't an senate leader mcconnell said last night, for months we've been engaged if a national debate about spending and debt the need to get our nation's fiscal house in order. here we are tonight being asked by the same president to support more government spending with the assurance he will figure out how to pay for it later. joining us chris wallace.
3:45 pm
i listened with great interest last night to this plan. then heard, i'm going to tell you how i'm going to pay fortunate 10 days what is the political strategy? how do you explain that, chris? >> the way i explain it is, he thought there was too much on the plate. that if he really wanted to focus on jobs, the polls show that voters really are more concerned about jobs than on deficit reduction. he thought, let's make this a jobs speech. and i'll tell you later how i'm going to pay for it. one of his points he was making to appeal to republicans was, this is all going to be paid for. this isn't going to add to the deficit. as you heard him in richmond saying we are going to have that balanced approach. that means tax increases on the wealthy, closing tax loopholes like on corporate jets and big oil. we are back to the debt debate where we were in august when the president and the republicans in congress couldn't agree. i don't know why it should be
3:46 pm
any different in september. >> shepard: i'm sensing a strategy on the two sides, john boehner, seconds ago as you were speaking, an urgent came from associated press he's seeking common ground on this it felt like everybody is looking for somebody to blame. congress has the 10, 11% approval rating, president's plummeting. it looks like don't look at me he's not doing anything situation. >> i think that's kind of it. there is no question that both sides the white house and house republicans, everybody in congress, heard either through the polls or through town hall meetings, after the debt debate debacle, people were unhappy. huge crisis where the country lost its aaa credit rating for the first time in history and nobody could get anything done. everybody came back looking like we want to cooperate. you heard the president say a lot of these ideas are
3:47 pm
republican ideas let's work in a compromised way, time going to pay for everything. that's why you heard people like boehner say we are not going to discount this out of the hand. i think they will pass some of this. i think they are going to pass some of the tax cuts certainly a republican idea. they are probably going to support the georgia, republican plan for job training for long term unemployed. i don't think they are going approve more aid to the states. son of stimulus or a lot of infrastructure money, also son of stimulus. i think they will do some. you are right, in the end, if they don't and if we end up in a double dip recession the president wants to be able to say came to them with a jobs package, they didn't do it, this is their recession. and the republicans of course will fire back. >> shepard: you just mentioned to important things. one is infrastructure construction workers and all the people who go along with that. the other is aid to the stays.
3:48 pm
the states have laid off teachers and municipal workers and the rest. -- if that money doesn't go for the states and infrastructure that is more pull out of the economy. if you give it you have to get it somewhere. looks like we have, just looking at the facts unsolveable for the moment problem. >> right. where we were in the debt debate. in fairness to the republicans, they say, aid to the states, we gave you hundreds of billions of dollars in stimulus one. infrastructure, shovel-ready projects, we give you hundreds of billions in stimulus one. guess what? it didn't work. we don't have below 8% unemployment, we have 9.1%. why would we go down that same road again? >> shepard: the president argues that it did work the problem was four million more jobs were lost than he knew about before he came into office and we would have been in much worse shape without it. i'm not saying which is right,
3:49 pm
i'm just making sure both sides are out there, i don't know. good to see you chris. hope you figure something out. if you do let them know what to do, all right? >> absolutely. we are focused on 9/11. three hours of coverage on fox news sunday all the events from ground zero, pentagon, shanksville. we are going to talk to the president's counter terrorism adviser john brennan. mayor giuliani, donald rumsfeld, talk about homeland security, war on terror where we've been, where we need to go. should be a special fox news sunday. >> shepard: i look forward to it chris. while chris was speaking i just got word of a major earthquake that just hit here in north america. we'll have that for you, after this for sunsweet,
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>> shepard: now the news of the earth quack i mentioned before the commercial break. the location is canada's vancouver island, a little island off vancouver bc. big island, there it is. never been there, sorry. 6.8 quake they said it was. now they are saying 6.7. we have no reports out of there yet. it only happened three, four minutes ago. the moment i get anything i'll bring it to you. if you didn't shake and nothing is rolling around you, everything is fine so don't worry about it. >> more about the brave americans who were the first to defend us after 9/11. air force special operations chant elite team of especially trained fighters -- by late september of 2001 they were on the frontlines of afghanistan. now we are getting a look at how they trained and technology they are showing.
3:54 pm
>> reporter: 9/11 left deep scars here in new york city and across the nation. it also sparked a renewed sense of patriotism and interest in our armed forces and the training is growing more intense and more sophisticated. when the u.s. went to afghanistan soon after 9/11, airmen with the air force special operations team were among the first on the ground. >> we weren't going to let anybody come into our country, do what they did to us and get away with it. >> reporter: highly trained at base across the united states, including florida they execute pararescue missions in combat zones. they direct airstrikes from the battlefield, gather weather data and navigate air traffic when control towers aren't an option. >> the role is be a small force to plug in play whatever they need, landing planes in
3:55 pm
the desert or dropping bombs on the end now protect a civilian population. >> reporter: the physical training is brutal. flipping tires, climbing ropes, stress testing underwater, plenty of hand-to-hand combat. making them some of the most physically fit members of the armed forces taking the fight to the enemy so they can't strike us here. >> we go in on the target when we are taking guys out planning future attacks. >> i think we would all like to think we are safer at home. with these latest threats on new york and d.c. nerves are frayed. security, tighter than ever. >> shepard: rick leventhal live for us, thanks. wrapping up things here from lower we will be here throughout the weekend with all the tributes to those who died and the thanks for those who came down here to try to save us all. a live look at the big board on wall street. you can see we are way back off the session lows. it has been a very rough day.
3:56 pm
large what this is about is great fears in return -- fears in europe. these fears are about money. the greeks have a world of mess and we know it. their debt crisis is very serious. the germans have said we are not going to bail you out, that's it. there's word in the european markets, chatter on the streets as gerri willis calls it, the nation of greece may default that it may go under if that happens we got real trouble this is just on the rumors. as the final bell tolls on wall street we bid you good afternoon from lower manhattan. back tonight for the fox report, 7:00 eastern, 4:00 pacific. until then, i'm shepard smith. make it a great afternoon. here's neil. never in history has so much debt created with money flinted out of thin air. ♪
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[ male announcer ] each of these photos was taken by someone on the first morning of their retirement. it's the first of more than 6,000 sunrises the average retiree llee. ♪ as we're living longer than ever before, prudential's challenge is to help everyone have the retirement income they'll ne to enjoy every one of their days. ♪ prudential. bring your challenges. >> neil: where were you 10 years ago today? i was a sunday. the final day of a final weekend for 3,000


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